1. ENGL 467 (Prerequisite)

Enroll in English 467: Journalism, the prerequisite course for the YJI, which is offered both terms. As with every creative-writing seminar, admission is at the discretion of the professor, who will consider applicants' past courses and writing samples.

2. Internship Experience

Complete a summer internship, approved by the YJI director, at a newspaper or magazine. Students may seek career advice from YJI staff and may be eligible for grants of up to $5,000, depending on need and available resources.

3. Writing and Editing

Either publish one full-length feature or five shorter articles in a non-Yale magazine or newspaper; publish two full-length magazine articles in a Yale publication; OR hold a senior editorial position at a Yale publication for at least two terms.

4. Additional Coursework

Complete either an advanced writing course, besides ENGL 467, in the English Department; any writing course in a different department; OR a similar course at a graduate or professional school. Consult the YJI director for more information.